I connect drivers with jobs (a dozen different companies and counting!). 

 For every job I post on this site, I have access to hundreds more (literally! in 48 states). So if you don't see anything posted that suits you, call me and tell me what kind of trucking job you are looking for and where; I will find one for you.

I am based out of Florida, and having worked at a trucking company myself (and my awesome sister driving a big rig for over 20 years!), I know that trucking can be hard enough even with a great job, so I work hard to match you up with the best job for your needs.  
My awesome trucking sis in her truck. No, she's not available

Call or Text me at 863.808.3855 

When leaving a message [or text], please include:
  • Your name
  • Home state (some jobs have hiring area restrictions)
  • What endorsements you have (if any)
  • What kind of job you are looking for 
  • The best number and time to call you back

I will call you back. I will work hard to find the right job for you.

You make your living driving a truck. I make mine finding truck driving jobs for you. I'll always do my best to help you find a job. Help me with mine by sharing my job site with other truckers. You'll get a big THANKS! from me by way off $100 referral fee via Walmart to Walmart money-gram (details under image below and use share buttons below that to spread the word about my blog).

Want to make $500? I will mail 5 of these cards to you upon request. Give them to your friends or leave at Truck Stops for referral  bonuses. When your referral is hired and I am paid, I will send you $100 for each successful referral (Walmart to Walmart MoneyGram). FOR REFERRAL CREDIT, WRITE ON BACK OF CARD : "REFERRED BY: YOUR NAME AND PHONE #  ........................................ A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks..................................................................

We will find a job for you!

What kind of DRIVING JOB are you looking for?

Call, text, or use the contact form (in sidebar) to inquire about any job that interests you on this site, regardless of date it was posted ...